Wedding Dress Delivery Service

A wedding day is like a dream day for every girl. On this day she wants to wear her dream dress to look outstanding and beautiful. The wedding dress is not just a dress for a day, but it makes an icon for others. You’ll look back at those photographs rest of your life.

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Have you ever faced such a situation where your wedding dress courier service:-

  • Can’t deliver at your location
  • Is stuck in traffic
  • Scared about damage of your dress
  • You can’t pick up your dress at the desired time

With industry-leading safety measures and methods, we ensure that your dress stays in perfect condition and reaches you before the allotted time.

How It Work

Ship Now Online
Just go to and place your order using our tool. Save time: No hassle of calling anyone.
We Pick
Once the order is received, we find a driver for your package and finalize the pricing. Then the driver is dispatched to the pickup location. You will get periodic notifications on the status of the delivery.
We Deliver
We deliver your package to your doorstep. The sender gets delivery confirmation and proof of delivery.
Amber Matas
Amber Matas

I cannot say enough great things about XpressPac, Houston! They went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND to get our new live seat from the store to our house. Absolutely amazing customer service!

Violet Gonzalez

Recently pulled an all nighter working and was in no condition to make a delivery first thing in the morning, XpressPac got it there for me on a rush and I’m so grateful! Thank you so much for the rush service. I recommend them and their prices are reasonable.

Danny Davison
Danny Davison

I called the XpressPac team at 9:00pm on a Sunday night. They had my package delivered from Houston to a hotel in Austin before 8:00am the very next morning. I am so appreciative of their professionalism and quick response time. I would certainly use them again.

Hosna Akhlaghpour

Highly recommended. We had a last minute request and they had great communication with texting status and everything went as expected. Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service! We will definitely come back next time.

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