Is Houston to Dallas same day courier service possible?

Why would you need a same-day delivery when we have easy access to the Next day overnight delivery? Last week we received a chat request from a medical company customer in Kentucky at 9 am to have medical equipment picked up from Houston’s office and delivered to a Surgeon in Dallas before 5 pm Same Day. It was very important for them to deliver the package before 5 pm the Same Day as the surgeon needed it for surgery. A representative in Kentucky had no contacts in Houston & she started looking online to find a solution for the problem. Looking at XpressPac 5 star review’s she felt comfortable doing business with us. However, she was still hesitant as the commute itself was 5 hours by road. Once she made up her mind to do business with us, XpressPac assigned a driver immediately & got the package delivered at 4:38 pm. The Representative felt at ease as soon as we took the job, as she could track the driver in real-time on the road, along with the automated text & email communication in her inbox of the status of the packages with proof of delivery, without even making a single call or waiting on hold for 15 minutes even before you could track the package.  Emergencies do happen & in those situations, next day or overnight delivery could be too SLOW. Same-day Delivery is life’s Savior in those situations.