Delivering a wedding dress from another town, same day…

Weddings are a joyous and emotional events. People want things to be a certain way because the memories of that day will last a lifetime and then some. It was one of these reasons that Linda called XpressPac on Saturday morning of a long weekend. She wanted to wear a dress for her cousin’s wedding Houston. But the dress was in Chicago. It was imperative that she have the dress be delivered same day. The logistics were complicated than they seemed. But the door to door solution provided by XpressPac saved the day.

XpressPac crowd sourced the entire process all the way from Chicago to Houston. Things like clothing, documents, etc. have almost no risk. So they are easier to be flown on passenger jets. With an expanded network of XpressPacers (a term used by people who work with XpressPac), moving things from one place to other can be achieved at God speed. Just imagine, the ability to get things from far away, as soon as possible and at reasonable rates at your fingertips without you having to be the king or queen of Timbuktu.

The world around is changing. With so much going around us, the conventional shipping is just fast enough and just not good enough. People are in need to getting things delivered with complex requirements and unique situations. Not to forget, they want it fast and they want it now. A complex network of shippers and exceptional customer support at a human level is the answer. Welcome to XpressPac.com.


Firoz Lalani