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Did you forget your Passport?

We live in a fast paced world. As cliché as it may sound, we still experience the surprises in our day to day to lives. This bring us to an interesting story that just happened recently. Mark, who worked in a fast paced corporate environment in Dallas was informed by his CEO on Sunday morning that he needed to go to Europe for some urgent assignment. His flight was supposed to leave at 5 am in the morning from Dallas. Unfortunately, his passport was at his home town in Houston. Just when Mark had thought something like this could never happen to him, he was in a dire need to get his passport shipped from Houston to Dallas on the double.


This is not the first time we got such a call at XpressPac. It is quite common to receive calls for orders where people request their passports to be delivered from one city to another, predominantly due to family emergencies or urgent work related trips. In such situations, next day deliveries turn out be rather slow as clients do not even have 24 hours and does not serve the purpose.


Most of the times, the clients are in a state of panic in such situations. We always suggest the clients to gather all the relevant information about the pickup and delivery. We understand the urgency of the matter and our reviews can vouch for our level of customer service. Our system keeps the clients up to date with all the stages of delivery. The clients can track their packages in real time. So, if the next time you forget something and need it urgently, don’t stress. Just contact

Firoz Lalani