Delivering a wedding dress from another town, same day…

Weddings are a joyous and emotional events. People want things to be a certain way because the memories of that day will last a lifetime and then some. It was one of these reasons that Linda called XpressPac on Saturday morning of a long weekend. She wanted to wear a dress for her cousin’s wedding Houston. But the dress was in Chicago. It was imperative that she have the dress be delivered same day. The logistics were complicated than they seemed. But the door to door solution provided by XpressPac saved the day.

XpressPac crowd sourced the entire process all the way from Chicago to Houston. Things like clothing, documents, etc. have almost no risk. So they are easier to be flown on passenger jets. With an expanded network of XpressPacers (a term used by people who work with XpressPac), moving things from one place to other can be achieved at God speed. Just imagine, the ability to get things from far away, as soon as possible and at reasonable rates at your fingertips without you having to be the king or queen of Timbuktu.

The world around is changing. With so much going around us, the conventional shipping is just fast enough and just not good enough. People are in need to getting things delivered with complex requirements and unique situations. Not to forget, they want it fast and they want it now. A complex network of shippers and exceptional customer support at a human level is the answer. Welcome to


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Did you forget your Passport?

We live in a fast paced world. As cliché as it may sound, we still experience the surprises in our day to day to lives. This bring us to an interesting story that just happened recently. Mark, who worked in a fast paced corporate environment in Dallas was informed by his CEO on Sunday morning that he needed to go to Europe for some urgent assignment. His flight was supposed to leave at 5 am in the morning from Dallas. Unfortunately, his passport was at his home town in Houston. Just when Mark had thought something like this could never happen to him, he was in a dire need to get his passport shipped from Houston to Dallas on the double.


This is not the first time we got such a call at XpressPac. It is quite common to receive calls for orders where people request their passports to be delivered from one city to another, predominantly due to family emergencies or urgent work related trips. In such situations, next day deliveries turn out be rather slow as clients do not even have 24 hours and does not serve the purpose.


Most of the times, the clients are in a state of panic in such situations. We always suggest the clients to gather all the relevant information about the pickup and delivery. We understand the urgency of the matter and our reviews can vouch for our level of customer service. Our system keeps the clients up to date with all the stages of delivery. The clients can track their packages in real time. So, if the next time you forget something and need it urgently, don’t stress. Just contact

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Is Amazon going to Dominate Pharmacy industry? Can your…


Amazon is on the verge of adding pharmacy to its portfolio. We have all seen the disruption in the other industries when Amazon got in the same business such as books, retail, toys, groceries, etc. Brick and mortar stores such as Walmart, Macy’s, Toys R US, etc. saw their sales share drop significantly, several stores closed permanently and in some cases the entire business closed down. Toys R US is a classic example. A brick and mortar store, which was once the de facto store for toys is now going out of business. Thanks to Amazon!


So does that mean that Smaller Pharmacies and Small business retailers are doomed or at least threatened? Small businesses provide personal relationship and best customer service to their customers. Customers value a personal touch and service that is provided by Small businesses that Amazon cannot match. However, Amazon has an unfair advantage which over powers everything done by smaller pharmacies: convenience. In 2018, people do not want to go to stores, pharmacies, malls, etc., because time and convenience have become important commodities.


XpressPac is now providing pharmacies the edge to take on the behemoth called Amazon. Personal service for your clients and same day last mile delivery service is a potent mix of services that will give any major pharmacy with deep pockets, a run for its money.


“To be successful in the future, the rate of internal innovation must exceed the rate of external innovation.”


You don’t have to restrict your services to your Neighborhood only. We offer services to whole city or nearby cities. Prices starts as low as $4.99 for same day delivery.



Is Houston to Dallas same day courier service possible?

Why would you need a same day delivery when we have easy access to Next day overnight delivery? Last week we received a chat request from a medical company customer in Kentucky at 9am in the morning to have a medical equipment picked up from office in Houston and delivered to a Surgeon in Dallas before 5pm Same Day. It was very important for them to deliver the package before 5pm Same Day as the surgeon needed it for a surgery. Representative in Kentucky had no contacts in Houston & she started looking online to find a solution for the problem. Looking at XpressPac 5 star review’s she felt comfortable doing business with us. However she was still hesitant as the commute itself was 5 hours by road. Once she made up her mind to do business with us, XpressPac assigned a driver immediately & got the package delivered at 4:38pm. Representative felt at ease as soon as we took the job, as she could track the driver real time on road, along with the automated text & email communication in her inbox of the status of the packages with proof of delivery, without even making a single call or waiting on hold for 15 minutes even before you could track the package.  Emergencies do happen & on those situations next day or overnight delivery could be too SLOW. Same day Delivery is life Savior on those situations.


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‘Choose Your Own Adventure’: Easily Increase Your Efficiency Today

Everyone remembers the fun, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books from their childhood. You would read along for a while and the main character would be faced with a decision. The choice was yours. Based on what you decided, you would skip to the corresponding section in the book and have to endure the consequences of your decision. Today, I’d like to give you a taste of your childhood with a mini ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story about office efficiency. Have fun!

It’s Tuesday at 10:41 AM. You’re in your office when Deborah your nosey coworker comes in to ask you if you took the important papers that needed signing to the downtown office. You pretend you don’t hear her because, well, you forgot to make the delivery and you don’t want her parading that information through the office. You panic briefly, take a big gulp of water, and decide you have two options:

Option A – Deliver the papers yourself

Option B – Use that new XpressPac service you heard about

(If you choose Option A, keep reading here. If you choose Option B, skip down to where it says Option B below).

Option A Read Here:

You’re ready to do this yourself. You grab the document and slide out of the office just before your boss walks by your door. Close call. Who knows what she wanted? You get down to the parking garage and get your car and head out. As you leave the parking garage, you hit the wall of traffic. Apparently, everyone else in the city has documents to deliver downtown. You can feel your blood boiling as the angry drivers surround you on all sides. Four miles and 30 minutes later you finally arrive at the downtown office. You walk inside and drop off the documents trying to control your anger from the drive there. Everyone notices your rage but you press on. Another 45-minute drive back to the office. You finally make it back to your desk just in time for your boss to walk by again and ask why on earth you were gone for almost two hours on a work day. It’s going to be a bad day.

The End

Option B Read Here:

You schedule a delivery with XpressPac for high noon. 11:59 rolls around and you’re nervous but as scheduled your driver shows up and greets you with a big smile. You give the driver the documents and out the door they go on their way to the downtown office. You get back to work just as your boss walks by and thanks you for always being in the office as a hard worker. 12:30, you receive a notification from your driver. “Your package has been delivered successfully! Have a great day!” You’re ecstatic! You walk out of your office just in time to see Deborah trip over the water cooler. It was a great day.

The End

As much as we wrote this story for you to have fun with, we mainly wrote it to inform you of our great service and show you exactly how it can make your life easier. Whether you’re looking for a quick, one-time delivery or a more permanent, cost-effective business solution, XpreePac was made for you. Our same-day package pick-up and delivery options are affordable, reliable, and most of all fast. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on doing what’s most important to you.

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Is Waiting in Traffic Considered Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

The sweet aroma of exhaust fumes…the calming sound of road-raged drivers screaming at the top of their lungs…the exciting adventure of crawling down the freeway at 1 mile per hour hoping the weaving car behind us doesn’t ram into our bumper. Sound like an amazing time? We didn’t think so. No matter how hard we try to put a positive spin on waiting in traffic, it still makes us cringe to even think about. Roads are just way too clogged with way too many angry people these days to function as efficient means of travel.

Day in and day out though, we are forced to wipe our tears, bottle our rage, buckle up, and tackle the open road to get our errands and jobs done. According to a Harvard Health Watch study, the average American will spend 37,935 hours driving a car in their lifetime! We don’t know about you but we can think of a lot better things to do with 37,935 hours of our lives than watching someone try and remember how a four way stop works over and over again.

Thankfully, innovative companies are coming up with services and tools to help us avoid having to take to the open roads as often. Not only will this help us from completely losing our minds but it will help to lower traffic as a whole helping out those who aren’t in tune with the new technologies and services.

This is why we set out to create XpressPac. XpressPac offers reliable same-day package pick-up and delivery at a guaranteed low flat rate… Or in other words, we will brave the treacherous traffic nightmare for you and make sure your deliveries arrive safely and quickly, while you focus on your more important work or simply relax on the couch. Schedule a pick-up and delivery today and let us do the heavy lifting!