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Is Amazon going to Dominate Pharmacy industry? Can your…


Amazon is on the verge of adding pharmacy to its portfolio. We have all seen the disruption in the other industries when Amazon got in the same business such as books, retail, toys, groceries, etc. Brick and mortar stores such as Walmart, Macy’s, Toys R US, etc. saw their sales share drop significantly, several stores closed permanently and in some cases the entire business closed down. Toys R US is a classic example. A brick and mortar store, which was once the de facto store for toys is now going out of business. Thanks to Amazon!


So does that mean that Smaller Pharmacies and Small business retailers are doomed or at least threatened? Small businesses provide personal relationship and best customer service to their customers. Customers value a personal touch and service that is provided by Small businesses that Amazon cannot match. However, Amazon has an unfair advantage which over powers everything done by smaller pharmacies: convenience. In 2018, people do not want to go to stores, pharmacies, malls, etc., because time and convenience have become important commodities.


XpressPac is now providing pharmacies the edge to take on the behemoth called Amazon. Personal service for your clients and same day last mile delivery service is a potent mix of services that will give any major pharmacy with deep pockets, a run for its money.


“To be successful in the future, the rate of internal innovation must exceed the rate of external innovation.”


You don’t have to restrict your services to your Neighborhood only. We offer services to whole city or nearby cities. Prices starts as low as $4.99 for same day delivery.


Firoz Lalani